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  • Black & White (3.2MB)

What the Press Say

"There's a more classic rock mould in this band's sound... encapsulating some of the guitar-god bands of the '80s but stretching back to the '70s as well. So if you like a band that's firmly anchored in rock's heritage but updates it with plenty of chug and swagger, this is where it's, er, at."

Bill Holdsworth, Rave Magazine

"AT have released that certain type of disc that on first listening grabs your senses and demands attention…it is just what we need at this moment; it's innovative, fresh and well up there with the best of any chart band's efforts… AT deserve far greater exposure, both within Australia and outside, as this is a band with a 'sound', tight musicianship and great production. Bands like this normally don't just appear; this band appears to be the exception to the rule."

Tony Bates, 100.7 Highlands FM Victoria

"Every now and then a band comes along that defies the norm, breaks the mold, veers from the path generally laid out for rock bands. Brisbane's AT is just such a band. They play a passionate hard edged rock, bombastic at times, gently subtle at other times with an overriding intelligence being the only certainly. It has been offered for comparison that they sound like 'a cross between the Foo Fighters and Metallica', however that's not what strikes me. Not the least because I feel that the band is far more dexterous than either of them musically and more thoughtful lyrically... This is no disposable rock rubbish, this is the real deal. Great pounding drums, searing lead guitar and strong vocals make the AT Band an indispensable addition to your collection."

Patrick Hawke, founder of

“…local rock quartet AT Band have already played venues some bands never play.”

Time Off Magazine

“….drawing a larger crowd with an audience-friendly mix of heavy/melodic layered rock, including the ferocious Blinded proves from the get-go their obvious musicianship."

Rave Magazine

“…AT bring us their first Chapter 1 EP that is definitely worth a second listen. They are a fresh and pleasant surprise.”

Tsunami Magazine

"EP received and currently enjoying high rotation. Keep up the great work as we delight in supporting Australian music of your calibre.”

Denise A. Guest, PBA FM Western Australia