• Andrew Thomas

    Lead vocals/Guitar

    Favourite Bands/Influences

    Metallica, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pantera, Faith No More, The Cult, STP (the real version)


    Live: Black 2003 Les Paul Custom
    Studio: Red 1981 Ibanez Flying V
    2009 Fender Strat guitar
    1998 Ibanez Acoustic guitar
    Marshall Triple Super Lead Amp
    Marshall Quads
    Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah


    Formed first band in high school called LSD, which was our adolescent way of having a go at authority. We told the teachers it stood for "Large Scale Deflection". I played drums and we certainly transformed the school socials from boring line dancing to rock 'n roll. Was very raw but our peers really dug it.

    After school was done I played in a couple of covers bands which is where I learnt to play guitar. I think I’d been playing for about 4 months when the covers gigs kicked off. In 1996 I joined a punk band called The Fabulous Rollies as their drummer and played all the local shitholes, but it was great fun.

    In 1997 I went to see the USA for a year. Seven years later I returned to Australia after spending that time mainly in North America and Europe. Didn’t play a lot of live shows during this time but wrote a LOT of songs.

    After returning to Oz and setting up a house and all that Against Them was formed in 2006 under the equivocal AT Band.

  • Barn Gickel


    Favourite Bands/Influences

    Chili Peppers, Foals, John Mayer, U2, Led Zepp, Nathan East (anyone he played for), Flea, Jamiroquai, Bloc Party, Eric Serra's song from The Fifth Element


    American Fender jazz 5 string bass (just turned 10 in January)
    Genz Benz 700W amp 6 x 10 speakers
    AT beer stein (very essential)


    Dad had an old bass in the house, and I started taking interest in it at about 13 (Smoke on the Water was the first riff I learnt on bass). Got a guitar after that and played for a year but it wasnt as cool as bass, so I went back to it.

    First time I ever thought about performing I was 14 and every day I would listen to 'My Lovely Man' by the Chilis (track 14 on Blood Sugar Sex Magic) and would close my eyes pretending there were thousands of people watching (I coudnt play the song to save my life though).

    My first band was formed when I was 18 and called The King George Affair, a funk rock sort of band. Since then I've never wanted to stop performing and then went on to join Genshen in 2005 before recieving a phone call from Andy in 2006 and AT all began. The rest is fucking awesome rock history as they say.

  • Ben Vawdrey


    Favourite Bands/Influences

    Metallica, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Offspring, 12 Stones, Fuel, Stone Sour, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Sevendust


    Maton MS2000 DLX SD
    Gibson '79 (Reissue) Explorer
    Maton ECW80
    Marshall JCM2000 TSL
    Electro Harmonix Small Clone


    Started with music at the age of 7 playing Trumpet all the way through school. Decided in my late teens to pick up guitar and practiced at home listening to CDs, playing along with them, much to the annoyance of everyone at home.

    Played in a few small garage bands until 2006, where I joined with AT Band.

  • Jim Explosion


    Favourite Bands/Influences

    Pantera, Red Hot Chili Peppers, NWA, Dream Theater, Rage Against the Machine, Soilwork, anything involving Peter Wildoer (Darkane, James LaBrie, Arch Enemy's Stigmata)


    Live: Mapex Meridian Birch
    Studio: Mapex Saturn IV Maple / Walnut
    Meinl cymbals mostly
    Tama Speed Cobra
    Tama 1st Chair


    I originally started drumming when I was in grade 6 as an outlet for my childhood exuberance. It wasn't until high school that I started learning on a kit, and from my very first band, 'We've Never Heard of You, Either' I was hooked. Over the years, the bands may have changed, but the passion for music survived. Since joining Against Them I have been lucky to play the kind of music I really want to play, while at the same time experiencing a broadening of my musical horizons in the rock incubator that is the Vault.


We record and rehearse in our studio, affectionately known as The Vault. All recording is on a Pro Tools LE system through an apple mac G5. The majority of microphones are the good old reliable Shure SM57’s run through JLM Audio TMP-8 and SM Pro Audio EP48 mic pre-amps. We mostly use a Rode NTK condenser mic for vox. If you have further queries on the bands recording techniques or just want to drop a line click here!